Ukuphila Kunzima. Life is difficult.

The other day I sent an email to 30 or so friends and family members who have been asking me what is it that I am doing out here. It was interesting to see who responded. It’s always interesting to see who makes an effort to keep in contact while you’re traveling. Traveling can be … Continue reading Ukuphila Kunzima. Life is difficult.

Here I am

I made it! After a 3-hour bus ride from Madison to Chicago, a 7.5 hour flight from Chicago to London, and 10-hour layover in London, a 10.5 hour flight from London to Johannesburg, a 5-hour layover in Johannesburg, a 1 hour flight from Johannesburg to Richard's Bay, and a 1.5 hour car ride from Richard's … Continue reading Here I am

Retroactive Iceland

Ok, ok – so this post is really late. Almost a year late. But I’m going to post it anyways, because Iceland is incredible and you should read about it from my perspective. I mean, at least look at the pics? I’ll give you the summary version. Iceland was a really emotional experience for me.  … Continue reading Retroactive Iceland

Embracing my loneliness in Budapest & Prague

Before I left for my trip, when people learned I was going to travel solo through Europe for 3.5 months their response was often along the lines of “Wow, you’re so brave!”. I didn’t really understand what they meant by that, but responded with a side smile and head nod. I had been dreaming of … Continue reading Embracing my loneliness in Budapest & Prague