When I was a young warthog (cue Hakuna Matata) my dad used to tell me that that the little freckle on the bottom on my foot was symbolic – he told me that I was going to travel the world.

I always hoped he was right.

The first time I ever left the U.S. I went to Ghana for 6-months. As an undergrad, I spent a semester at the University of Ghana in Legon.

To say the least, mother was thrilled…Unknown

I was nervous to leave the U.S. for the first time, alone, and for such a long period of time. But this freckle-footed African-Studies student was determined to make it happen. I HAD to go. Even if it meant selling my MacBook pro for malaria pills.


The experience forever changed my life. I highly recommend Ghana as a travel destination. The food is amazing, the night life is so fun, and everyone is really friendly! To be honest though, its probably not the best destination for the fancy traveler.

Because of Ghana, I finally learned how to dance; I met lifelong friends – looking at you, Jesse dearest, I was nominated to be the commencement speaker at the international student graduation; Hell, I met Bill Clinton at CGI U after being inspired to start a night school in Ghana for Ghanaian children who had to work during the day and couldn’t attend school. But that’s another story.

And even though I can now only exclusively dance to West African hip-hop, my love for traveling is dynamic. I WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE!

If I’ve never seent it before, I need to see it!

If I’ve never tasted it before, lemme get a piece!

If I’ve never felt it before, damnit I wanna know what it feels like! (That was not meant in a sexual way…necessarily).

If I’ve never killed a chicken before, ya, I’ll try it!


Told you I’d try it…

Last summer, before starting graduate school, I spent three months traveling around Europe. I went to 11 countries in 12 weeks! It was an incredible experience – which you can read all about in my older blog posts!

Thanks for pointing out my freckled-sole, daddio!

There are still a ton of places I want to see, though.

So, here I go again. Today I leave for South Africa. I will be there for 3-months working with the Silethokuhle Foundation in Ngwenya.

I’ve dreamed of South Africa for years and my dream is finally coming true, in probably the best way possible. My blog posts for the next 3 months will likely only feature South Africa.

But who knows…anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “Here I Go Again!

  1. It’s sad as an Afro American woman , I have never thought about visiting South Africa. Your words and your ambitious dream to make this world a better place has truly ignited a fire in my heart ❤️ Thank you !!!


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